Mathematical Coffees

List of the sessions

You can find bellow the list of Mathematical Coffees. The chairman of these seminar is Gabriel Peyré (CNRS and ENS).

Session 2018

  1. Advanced deep learning (Friday January 19th, 14h-16h30)
  2. Advanced non-smooth optimization (Friday February 16th, 14h-16h30)
  3. Advanced machine learning (Friday 16 March, 14h-16h30)
  4. Advanced compressive sensing (Friday April 6th, 14h-16h30)
  5. Deep generative models meet optimal transport (Friday May 4th, 14h30-17h00)
  6. Scikit-learn and Panda frameworks (Friday 8th June, 14h-16h30)
  7. Mean Field Games and applications (Friday September 14th, 14h-16h30)
  8. Topos of information (Friday October 12th, 14h-16h30)
  9. Advanced non-linear signal processing (Friday November 9th, 14h-16h30)
  10. Quantum computing (Friday December, 7th – TBC, 14h-16h30)

Session 2017

  1. Optimal Transport Meets Machine Learning, (Jan. 20, 14h-17h):
  2. Geodesics and Fast Marching (Feb. 3rd, 14h-17h):
  3. Geometrical and Topological Data Analysis (Feb. 28th, 14h-17h)
  4. Convex Optimization (April 18th, 14h-17h)
  5. Deep learning (May 19th, 14h-17h)
  6. Sparsity and Compressed Sensing (June 8th, 14h-17h)
  7. Machine Learning (July 3rd, 14h-17h)
  8. Curses and Blessing of High Dimension (Sep. 11th, 14h-17h)
  9. Computational Bayesian Inference (Nov. 6th, 14h-17h)
  10. Parallel Stochastic Computing (Dec. 19th, 14h-17h)